Happy Winds makes birthday parties easy for the parents and fun for the kids. Custom plan your party with Happy Winds activities ranging from the Water Park, Kayaking, Sailing, Paddle Boarding, and much more! Last summer Tradd had his 11th birthday party with us and here are some questions we asked him and his parents.

Tradd’s 11th Surprise Birthday Bash at the Beach

Questions for Tradd:
What was the most memorable thing at your birthday party?
“All my friend’s jumping out of the Happy Wind’s shed to surprise me”

What was your favorite part of your party?
“Playing on the Water Park”

What did you and your friends do at your birthday party?
“We played on the Water Park, rode on the AquaCycle, went paddle boarding, played corn hole, went kayaking, played beach volleyball and went sailing. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!”

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much fun would you rate your party?
“Probably a 10, it was definitely the best party I had and one of the best I have even gone to”

Anything else you want to say about your party?
“It was AMAZING!”

Questions for Mom and Dad:
How was planning the party?
“It was the easiest party I have ever planned, I only had to make one phone call?”

Was the party fun for your son’s age group?
“The party was fun for the age group, as well as the older and younger cousins. The adults enjoyed paddle boarding and sailing while the grandparents rested comfortably in the shade on the beach.”

Would you have a party at Happy Winds again?
“I would love to have my son’s party there again”

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