Kiteboarding Info

  • KITEBOARDING 100- What IS kiteboarding?

    Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing is when a solo human pilot harnesses the power of the wind with a four line kite that propels him/her across the water with any type of board. As the sport has become more mainstream people have become very creative in finding new things to ride. With the progress of equipment from leading brands such as Cabrinha, Best, North, Naish , people of all ages have gotten hooked on the thrill of kiteboarding.

  • KITEBOARDING 101- Why and How?

    Do you like a challenge? Kiteboarding is a sport that gives and takes. This sport demands patience , time, and start up money. Then its a sports that continues to give joy , adventure, success, and freedom. The list goes on!

    The must do’s

    • Take lessons with a reputable school or instructor.
    • Learn all the fundamentals of kitesurfing -yes this includes how to self rescue, even packing your kite.
    • Learn your area and learn the RULES OF THE ROAD.
    • Learn on proper equipment within the last 3 years.
    • Read, watch, and ask questions.

    The must don’t

    • Learn from a boyfriend or girlfriend
    • Try to learn on a kite your buddy gave you from his garage thats been sitting for 5 years.
    • Learn on a wakeboard with boots
    • Hit the ocean before you’ve mastered the upwind body drag

    If you follow a few of these rules you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

  • Kiteboarding 200- The SCHOOL- ING

    Happy Winds Kiteboarding School- We Guarantee you RIDE-

    Over the past 8 years we have traveled around the world teaching to perfect the fastest and easiest way to get you safely on the water. This better kite control you have the better your ride will be. So I suggest renting or buying a trainer kite from Happy Winds so your ahead of the game before any kiteboarding courses.

    • Trainer Kite Rentals- $15 a day $50 for Week
    • Trainer Kite Sales- Hydra 250- $ 259
    • Trainer Kite Sales – Rush Pro – $165

    Virginia Beach’s Kiteboarding School- Happy Winds Offers a variety of ways to get you into Kiteboarding.

Take a Lesson


    10 hour program – This includes all necessary requirements to get you fully immersed into Kitesurfing- This class will take you from beginning to end RESULT -self-sufficient kiteboarder – check –

    • Free three week trainer kite rental-
    • All water lessons include jet ski support
    • 15% percent off the latest gear from Happy Winds
    •  First Downwinder with Instructor-Ocean or Bayside
    • no wind no problem practice board skills behind boat or ski- optional-1hr min
    • Bring a friend only $35 more only first land lesson-
    • call support 247
    • Free KITE- SURF- t-shirt

    More Details – BOOK IT! – price is $899

  • HEAD FIRST – 6 hr

    Whether your just getting started or would like to improve your skills. Maybe never rode deep water? This is your program.

    • all water lessons include jet ski support
    • 10% off the latest gear from Happy Winds
    • one land lesson, two water lessons
    BOOK IT ! – $499
  • FEET FIRST – 3 hr

    3 hour program- Not really sure if this sports for you. Well try our feet first program- After completing this program you will have a good idea whether you would like to continue the sport. Includes one land lesson and one water lesson.

    • 10% off trainer kites-
    • 5% off the latest gear from Happy Winds
    BOOK IT ! – $275

    Intro to power kiting -Improve your skills – Get boat support- Kite Rigging- The three W’s – Wind direction, Speed, and Quality

    BOOK IT! – $99


Hatteras Kite Camps and Getaways- for more info see travel.

Join us for a not so normal kitesurfing experience.